Generative AI in the Telecom Industry

Generative AI in the Telecom Industry

Explore how Generative AI is revolutionizing the telecom industry by automating tasks, optimizing networks, and enhancing customer experiences.

The telecom industry is on the brink of a revolutionary transformation, powered by Generative AI (Gen AI). Our latest report explores how leading telecom operators are leveraging Gen AI to automate tasks, optimize networks, and enhance customer experiences while driving down operational costs and pioneering new revenue streams.

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Why This Report is Must-read

Internal Operations Revolutionized

Discover how telecom operators are using Gen AI to automate administrative tasks and innovate new use cases for network optimization and problem resolution. Learn about the deployment of domain-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) tailored for internal use.

External Use Cases Transforming Customer Experience

Uncover how Gen AI is being utilized to enhance customer self-care, streamline service operations, and provide secure access authentication, significantly reducing telecom operating costs.

New Revenue-Generating Opportunities

Explore pioneering use cases where telecom operators are generating new revenue streams with Gen AI. These include:

  • Multi-lingual Chatbots with AI cognitive enhancements.
  • AI-based service bundles.
  • Private 5G AI-optimized networks.
  • Gen AI as a telco or hosted cloud service.
  • Custom LLMs 'as a service'
Strategic Partnerships with Hyperscaler Cloud Providers

Learn about the collaboration between telecom operators and Hyperscaler Cloud Providers (HCPs) such as AWS Bedrock and Microsoft Azure. These partnerships are enabling cost-effective fine-tuning of generic LLMs for telecom-specific applications using Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and other innovative models.

Key Highlights of the Report

Gen AI use cases in the telecom industry

In-depth analysis of recent Gen AI use cases in the telecom industry.

Gen AI applications and their impact on the market

Identification of pioneering Gen AI applications and their impact on the market.

cost-saving strategies and operational efficiencies

Insights into the cost-saving strategies and operational efficiencies gained through Gen AI.

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