Finding meaning in Gordon Moore’s passing

G. Dan Hutcheson
G. Dan Hutcheson
The Chip Insider®

Finding meaning in Gordon Moore’s passing: By now, I’m sure you’ve read many obituaries about his life and accomplishments. The volume of articles that exploded over the weekend after the Friday he died on March 24 was unparalleled. Some of them were a full page. It arguably topped the coverage given to Steve Jobs’ death, even though Gordon was far less seen in the public eye.

If you are a true insider, his accomplishments meant far more to you and your career than any of those articles could come close to revealing. The breadth of this across the industry could be witnessed, as internet portals clogged with an unparalleled level of grief posts bemoaning Gordon’s death and what his life had meant to them.

The bigger question is not the meaning of Gordon’s life. It is the new meaning we can find after his death.

Moore’s Law is not a law! It’s an opportunity! – Gordon Moore

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