EV/HEV Technologies Supply & Fitment Database

EV/HEV Technologies Supply & Fitment Database

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This database has collated the various developers and suppliers of starter-alternators, electric motor-generators and batteries for each battery electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicle model that has been assembled since 1997, is being planned for future production or is being developed for possible future deployment. It focuses on around 4,900 different models with battery electric powertrains, hybrid electric powertrains and any car or light truck utilizing a stop-start system or a brake regeneration system. The database focuses on concepts and models developed or sold in Europe, Japan and North America, together with coverage of the significant highlights in China, India and other emerging markets. Around 270 other systems and around 170 other battery systems that have not yet been deployed are also listed. It includes data on semiconductor components, such as inverters and converters, as well as battery monitoring systems, charging systems and powertrain control units.

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