European Pay TV Benchmarking (Q1 2023)

European Pay TV Benchmarking (Q1 2023)

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European Pay TV Providers lose 608K Subscribers in Q1 2023. European pay TV providers tracked lost 608K subscribers in Q1 2023. Sky continues to lead the European pay TV market with 21.4M subscribers, followed by Vodafone (17.0M), and Tricolor (14.9M). Overall, the top 5 pay TV providers in Europe account for over half (55.5%) of all pay TV subscriptions in the region. The European Pay TV Provider Performance Benchmarking is updated quarterly and is published approximately 8-10 weeks after the close of each quarter. A 5-year rolling forecast for pay TV in Europe and globally can be found in our Subscription TV Forecast, which is produced twice a year.

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