eSIM for Massive IoT: New IoT eSIM Specification (SGP.32)

eSIM for Massive IoT: New IoT eSIM Specification (SGP.32)

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On 26th May 2023, the latest IoT eSIM specification (SGP.32) was released by GSM Association. This is a big step towards the adoption of eSIM technology for Massive IoT. The new specification is designed keeping in mind the challenges faced by ever-changing IoT market since the first M2M standard was introduced in 2014 and to address the limitations of the existing M2M & Consumer eSIM specifications. The complete set of specifications including the tests and compliance specifications are expected to be finished by end of this year. These GSMA specifications help built a thriving eSIM ecosystem for both consumer and M2M use cases. TechInsights expects that with the new IoT eSIM standard there will be a rapid development in adoption of eSIMs in Massive IoT use cases. This report discusses the main elements of latest eSIM specification & the issues it addresses to solve rapid eSIM adoption in Massive IoT. In addition, the report provides a comparison of all three eSIM standards and highlights the key benefits of the new IoT eSIM specification over existing ones.

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