Going Beyond Datasheets: Benchmarking and Testing the Performance of SiC FETs

Comparative Analysis and Insights by Dr Stephen Russell (Subject Matter Expert, Power Devices, TechInsights) Collaborators: Professor Peter Gammon, University of Warwick, Professor Layi Alatise, University of Warwick and Dr. Jose Gonzalez-Ortiz, University of Warwick

Electrical characterization is an area of significant value, as it plays such a key role in design, yet it is difficult to infer accurate comparisons from product datasheets alone.

In this eBook, we bring you our first analyses of two innovative SiC FETs whose electrical characteristics are assessed with results presented under identical condition. Using a comprehensive array of test conditions and add extra valuable information, we delve into their robustness under stress and go well beyond the datasheet.

Co-authored by Dr Stephen Russell - Subject Matter Expert, Power Devices, TechInsights (with over 15 years’ experience in wide bandgap (WBG) device fabrication and characterization), this eBook takes an in-depth look at two Silicon Carbide devices and their electrical characterization.

Download the Going Beyond Datasheets: Benchmarking and Testing the Performance of SiC FETs eBook to learn:

  1. Devices’ Active Structure for the Toshiba and UnitedSic FETs
  2. Output and Transfer Characteristics
  3. On-Resistance with Current and Temperature
  4. 3rd Quadrant Operation and Switching Set-up

eBook Table of Contents:

  1. Background/introduction
  2. Devices’ Active Structure
  3. Output Characteristics
  4. Transfer Characteristics
  5. On-Resistance with Current and Temperature
  6. 3rd Quadrant Operation
  7. Switching Setup
  8. The Importance of Parasitics
  9. Summary

Contact a TechInsights representative to schedule a demo of either the Toshiba TW070J120B 1200 V 70 mΩ SiC MOSFET or UnitedSiC UJ4C075060K3S 750 V 60 mΩ SiC FET today.

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Going Beyond Datasheets

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