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Discover the Secrets to Accelerated Charging with Lithium-ion Batteries

Are you tired of waiting for your devices to charge? You're not alone. While Lithium-ion batteries offer high energy density, their charging times can often be a pain point for users. But fear not! Our comprehensive eBook dives deep into the world of battery charging protocols to help you understand how companies like Apple and Samsung are revolutionizing the charging experience.

Fast-Charging Algorithms of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung S22 Ultra eBook

What You'll Discover

In this eBook, we compare the charging protocols of the Apple 13 Pro Max and Samsung S22 Ultra, shedding light on the advancements in cell chemistries and battery charging algorithms. Discover how the Apple MHJA3AM/A 20W charger stacks up against the Samsung 45W charger (P-T4510XBEGCA), 25W charger (EP-TA800NBEGCA), and 25W (EP-TA800) travel charger. Learn how these algorithms enhance charging speed while maintaining battery performance and safety.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a mobile user looking to optimize your charging experience, or a professional in the electronics industry, this eBook is for you.

We've included background information on battery characterization methods and battery degradation theory to ensure that everyone can benefit from this valuable knowledge.


Fast-Charging Algorithms of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Samsung S22 Ultra

Table of Contents

Devices Under Test
Why are charging Algorithms required?
Battery Analysis
Our Conclusions

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