Disruptive Event

Apple’s H2 BT 5.3 audio SoC – elevating the audio experience in the AirPods Pro 2

The H2 is Apple’s first audio system on chip (SoC) released since the H1 release in 2019. TechInsights has discovered that the H2 is using a 7nm process node proving Apple has taken great strides in the past three years since the H1 where 16nm was used. Not only is the H2 manufactured with the smallest process node used in the wireless earphone market to date, it also supports the latest Bluetooth standard (BT 5.3) while delivering key improvements in the audio experience which raises the bar for consumer expectations.

Disruptive Event - Apple’s H2 BT 5.3 Audio SoC


Read the disruptive event brief to find out:

The impact of using a 7nm process node to manufacture the H2

How the H2 enhancements improve the audio experience for the AirPods Pro 2

The forecasted 2023 global revenue of Apple and other leading wireless earphone vendors

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