Dimensity 9200 Gets a Boost

The Dimensity 9200+ is a midlife kicker for MediaTek’s flagship smartphone processor, offering 5–10% more CPU and graphics performance than the original 9200. The company also renamed its low-end 5G products.
Linley Gwennap
Linley Gwennap

MediaTek continues to refresh its Dimensity smartphone processors, announcing a speed upgrade for its flagship product and tweaking some lower-cost products to fit its new numbering system. The Dimensity 9200+ offers a midlife kicker for the Dimensity 9200, delivering 10% higher CPU and GPU speeds and a corresponding boost in benchmark scores. In the lower tiers, the company created the Dimensity 7020 and 6080 by renaming older products and upgrading their software.

In fact, MediaTek assigned new names to all its prior-generation smartphone processors to align them with a four-digit scheme in which numbers in the 9000 range target phones that sell for more than $500. Products in the 7000s target midrange phones, and products in the 6000s are for low-cost phones. All these 5G processors use the Dimensity name. The company continues to sell 4G processors, branded Helio, that service low-cost and ultralow-cost phones.

Targeting phones selling for $200–$300, the Dimensity 7020 is based on last year’s Dimensity 930, which features two Cortex-A78 CPUs at 2.2 GHz plus six Cortex-A55 CPUs. The Dimensity 6080 relabels the older Dimensity 810, which targets lower-price phones using a pair of Cortex-A76 CPUs along with the six A55s. These processors include a 5G modem that can achieve 2.77 Gbps downloads by aggregating two carriers (2xCA) and up to 120 MHz of sub 6 GHz spectrum. The Dimensity 7030 (née 1050) is similar to the D7020 but extends millimeter-wave (mmWave) capability to the midtier.

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