Dimensity 7200 Adopts Newest Arm CPUs

MediaTek’s new processor for mid-premium smartphones offers leading-edge 4 nm and Cortex-A715 technology. The company also introduced its first satellite-communications chip, allowing customers to match Apple.
Linley Gwennap
Linley Gwennap

MediaTek often brings last year’s premium features to this year’s low-price phones, but it has picked up the pace. Its new Dimensity 7200 adopts features that debuted just a few months ago in flagship processors: Arm’s Cortex-A715 CPU and TSMC’s leading-edge N4P technology. In other ways, the new chip fits solidly into the mid-premium segment, maintaining separation from the flagship Dimensity 9200.

The D7200 employs two Cortex-A715s for high performance and six Cortex-A510s for power efficiency. The four-core Mali-G610 GPU delivers strong performance for its class. The integrated 5G modem handles sub–6 GHz but not millimeter-wave (mmWave) bands, receiving up to 4.7 Gbps. MediaTek expects initial phones based on the D7200 to ship next quarter.

The company is in the midst of revising its product numbering after its previous three-digit scheme overflowed into the 1000s. The Dimensity 9000 and 8000 introduced the new approach. The Dimensity 7200 replaces the Dimensity 920 in mid-premium phones selling for $300 to $400. Later this year, we expect MediaTek to launch new four-digit products to replace the Dimensity 930 and Dimensity 810.

The company is also expanding its portfolio of complementary smartphone functions. The new MT6825 chip provides satellite connectivity using standard protocols. MediaTek works with Bullitt to deliver emergency response. Apple’s introduction of emergency SOS in the recent iPhone 14 highlighted the utility of satellite communications, and Qualcomm has also announced a similar capability. The MT6825 is in production and will appear in Motorola’s Defy 2 phone, scheduled to ship next quarter.

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