On-Device AI Race to Catch NVIDIA Dominates Computing World

CES 2024

On-Device AI Race to Catch NVIDIA Dominates Computing World

TechInsights was on the ground at CES 2024, and AI was the driving theme throughout the week. It seemed like AI was in everything, everywhere, all at once, even when it had to be renamed from something that has existed for years prior. There was plenty of other interesting technology, including the certification of Wi-Fi 7, glasses-free 3D displays, and new form factors available for hands-on experiences; however, nothing drew as much attention as the thing that has made NVIDIA one of the most profitable and attention-garnering companies in the world right now.

On-Device AI Race to Catch NVIDIA Dominates Computing World

We tested conversational AI with non-player characters running on an NVIDIA RTX GPU, functional in over 20 languages. Source: TechInsights, NVIDIA, Convai.

In our full report on computing at CES, we explore the different approaches to AI by industry players, the real-world implications of AI, and other computing products and solutions that surprised us by their presence or lack thereof at the show.

Regarding absences at the show, we believe Microsoft missed out on a chance to directly show the world what to expect with their vision of AI PCs, especially at an event which Apple and its new M3 chip were formally absent. All the attention paid to the new Copilot button on PC keyboards raised more questions than answers for us.

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