Deep Dive Teardown of the Yale Connect WiFi Bridge

Deep Dive Teardown of the Yale Connect WiFi Bridge

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The Yale Connect WiFiBridge AC-R1, in combination with the Yale Access Module (Subsystem), constitutes additional equipment for the Yale ConexisSmart Lock L2 SD-L2000-WH, allow the user to wirelessly connect the door to the Internet or via Bluetooth to a mobile device and open the lock from anywhere while using the Yale Access Mobile App. It is difficult to compare the solution to other remote/contactless locks because WiFi/Bluetooth is usually an integral and inseparable part of the lock. The Bridge has a built-in power supply, as the entire device is plugged directly into the socket, like most WiFiBridge devices. The Marvell Semiconductor 88MC200 32-bit Low-power microcontroller was implemented, which supports four low-power modes, 1 MB serial flash memory, integrated DC-DC converter, and peripheral interfaces, including up to 63 GPIOs, four UARTs, three I2Cs,two SSP/SPI/I2S, and USB. Security is ensured by an Infineon 337S3959 Authentication IC. Access Module Subsystem, like Bridge, also provides a Bluetooth connection, this time to nRF52840 from Nordic Semiconductor, in which the main advantage is low power consumption. The Access Module also includes a STMicroelectronics LIS2MDL Magnetometer that enables door position detection.

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