Deep Dive Teardown of the Xiaomi Redmi K60 Ultra 23078RKD5C Smartphone

Deep Dive Teardown of the Xiaomi Redmi K60 Ultra 23078RKD5C Smartphone

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TechInsights found the following ICs for the first time: Multichip Memory - 24 GB Mobile LPDDR5 SDRAM SK Hynix #H58GJ6BK8HX151, Multichip Memory - 1 TB 4D NAND Flash, Memory Controller (UFS 4.0) Samsung #KLUGGARHHD-B0G1, X7 Visual Processor Pixelworks, Inc. PX8768, and RxD Front-End Module Qorvo QM66210. TechInsights found the following ICs in the Vivo X90 V2241A SPT-2301-801: WiFi 6/Bluetooth SoC MediaTek MT6639AEW, Power Management MediaTek MT6376P, Power Management MediaTek MT6319HP, Power Management MediaTek MT6319GP, Power Management MediaTek MT6373DW, Power Management MediaTek MT6363FW, and GPS Receiver MediaTek MT6686MA.

The applications/baseband processor, camera/image, memory: volatile and non-volatile, display/touchscreen category had the greatest impact on the total estimated constructions cost. The cost of each category consists of applications/baseband processor – ($120.94 - MediaTek Dimensity 9200+), camera/image ($43.44 - 50 MP rear camera, $10.75 - 20 MP front camera, $9.12 - 8 MP rear camera:), memory: volatile ($41.27 - RAM), memory: non-volatile ($27.92 - NAND flash), display/touchscreen ($40.15 - 144 Hz display/touchscreen). The cost of the processor category is higher because the processor used is MediaTek Dimensity 9200+. The most cost driving manufacturer is MediaTek. It supplied the Applications/Baseband Processor, WiFi/BT SoC, GPS Receiver, 7x Power Management, Power Management/Audio CODEC, RF Transceiver, 3x Envelope Power Tracker and LNA/RF Switch. MediaTek supplied a total of 16 chips.

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