Deep Dive Teardown of the Xiaomi Pad6 Pro 23046RP50C Tablet

Deep Dive Teardown of the Xiaomi Pad6 Pro 23046RP50C Tablet

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Xiaomi also provides a multi-touch TFT display compared to the Apple iPad Pro A2437 and iPad 10th Gen A2757. Based on the 45 white LEDs backlight scheme design is like the one in iPad 10th Gen A2757 (featuring 40 LEDs). The iPad Pro 12.9 has a much more advanced mini-LED-based backlight scheme, consisting of 10384 white mini-LEDs controlled by nine STMicroelectronics’ active-matrix drivers. At the same time, Xiaomi provides the display with a higher refresh rate – 144 Hz, compared to 120 Hz in the iPad Pro A2437 and 60 Hz in the iPad 10th Gen A2757.

All three mentioned devices have different battery solutions. While the Apple devices provide one multi-cell battery design (iPad 10th Gen has a 2-cell battery, iPad Pro has a 4-cell battery), the Xiaomi iPad 6 Pro presents two identical single-cell Lithium-Polymer battery subsystems. Such a solution generates 63% higher battery costs than the iPad 10th Gen ($11.12). Four Qualcomm power management units support two battery subsystems. Each battery is connected to the motherboard and supported by the Cirrus Logic battery charger. Like the Pad 6, it features 67W wired fast charging. Xiaomi does not support wireless charging.

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