Deep Dive Teardown of the Wyze Labs Inc Cam Outdoor V2 WVOD 2 Security Camera

Wyze Labs Inc Cam Outdoor V2 WVOD 2

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The WyzeLabs Inc. Cam Outdoor V2 is a versatile outdoor security camera designed for residential and commercial use. It is designed to withstand various weather conditions including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Due to gaskets, speaker and microphone waterproof meshes, it received an IP65 rating, which ensures protection against dust and water, making it suitable for outdoor installation.

The Cam Outdoor V2 captures video in high-definition (1080p) resolution, delivering clear and detailed footage. This ensures that users can easily identify people, objects, or any activity within the camera's field of view. What is more, the device is equipped with infrared LEDs and a special IR-Cut Dual Filter Switcher module that provides clear visibility even in low-light or complete darkness. The night vision mode enhances security by capturing surveillance footage round-the-clock.

The 7.4V and 2600 mAhbattery is designed to last approximately 3-6 months on a single charge, depending on usage and environmental factors. The two-way audio feature is also worth mentioning. With a built-in speaker and a microphone, the camera enables two-way audio communication. This feature allows users to hear what is happening near the camera and speak through the device using a connected smartphone.

Comparing the Cam Outdoor V2 to similar low-budget security camera –the Tapo C420s2, the analyzed device has an advantage when it comes to placing the camera in various environments because of its long-lasting battery. With additional magnets, the camera can be placed almost anywhere. The Tapo C420s2 on the other hand requires a continuous power source as it does not have a built-in battery, which can be burdensome. When it comes to other features, both cameras are similar.

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