Deep Dive Teardown of the Tesla Glovebox SSD 1868248-00-A Solid State Drive

Deep Dive Teardown of the Tesla Glovebox SSD 1868248-00-A Solid State Drive

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As per the manufacturer's specifications, this Tesla Glovebox SSD drive is designed to store all data utilized in Tesla cars, including arcade games and dashcam footage. It functions as an SSD drive that connects to the vehicle through a USB Type A 3.1 Gen 2 connector, boasting a storage capacity of 1 TB. The external aspect of the device is crafted from aluminum, serving as the primary component of its thermal design. This housing functions as the primary heat dissipater, absorbing and dispersing heat generated from within the device. The primary heat-producing integrated circuits (ICs) are coated with thermal paste, establishing a connection with the housing, and facilitating the transfer of heat to ensure effective heat dissipation.

Notably, there are no indications in this design that suggest the use of specialized materials like Automotive-grade heat dissipation, or the incorporation of vents, fans, or substantial heat sinks. Numerous SSD module reports can be found on the TechInsights Platform, including one featuring the enterprise-grade product, Dapustor R5100. This product shares striking similarities in structure and thermal design with the Tesla Glovebox SSD. Both employ aluminum as their primary structural material, functioning as the primary heat sink. Heat from the memory chips is effectively dispersed through thermal paste, transferring it into the housing. The shared thermal design model is a common feature in both projects. Their distinctions lie only in their specific applications, methods of connection, and the capacity of their memory.

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