Deep Dive Teardown of the Tecno Phantom V Flip AD11 Smartphone

Deep Dive Teardown of the Tecno Phantom V Flip AD11 Smartphone

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The Tecno Phantom V Flip AD11 is the first flip version of smartphone from Tecno. It was released on September 24, 2023. The mobile runs on HIOS 13.5 (Based on Android 13). This model (AD11) was made for all regions.

The Hinge Assembly for the Tecno Phantom V Flip weighs 23.89 grams which is more than the 14.83 grams in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. Some of that weight goes from hinge cover, that could be removed in Samsung’s hinge design and used as a part of the construction in Phantom V Flip. The dimensions of the hinge in Tecno smartphone are 71.15/30.22/4.75 mm in comparison with the Flip5’s hinge, that are 69.64/24.53/4.3 mm.

The main constrictive difference between the Main Displays of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Tecno Phantom V Flip is Stifening Rib that were used in Samsung’s Flip5 phone. That also affects the weight and thickness of the display. The technology of the Panel is the same AMOLED -Y-OCTA. The display of the Tecno smartphone has one billion colors and in the Flip5 is 16 million on the same resolution of 2640x1080 pixels.

Power Management (MT6360PP, MT6315GP, MT6315RP, MT6315BP) and Power Management and Audio CODEC (MT63359VPP) used in most phones in this price category, was based on Mediatek’s chipset. ICs from Lansus are the most used RF chips in the smartphone (five ICs). The new RF chips of note are: 5G NR n77 RxD Front-End Module (FX6730), Multimode, Multiband Power Amplifier Module (NZ5627N) and Quad-Band GSM/EDGE Front End Module (FX5820C).

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