Deep Dive Teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 LTE SM-R945F Smartwatch

Deep Dive Teardown of the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 LTE SM-R945F Smartwatch

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Comparing the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 LTE to its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro LTE SM-R925F, the latest model has a faster processor and 500MB more RAM capacity (mobile LPDDR4X SDRAM). The Watch 6 is based on Android Wear OS 4, unlike the Watch 5 which was based on version 3.5. Also display size increased to 1.5” from 1.4”, but the dimensions of the device remained the same. The Watch6 battery capacity is 417 mAh, in the Watch5 it was 573 mAh. Each device has 16 GB of non-volatile Flash memory and the same types of sensors. The Watch6 is based on the Exynos W930 Processor which was released in July 2023. It uses the same version of ARM (twocoresCortex-A55) as its predecessor in Watch5, however the Exynos W930 is running at 1.4 GHz.

There is an 18% performance increase compared to the previous generation which is running at 1.18 GHZ. The Apple Watch Series 8 A2771 has 1GB less of RAM memory capacity. It has a Dual-Core processor, S8 designed by Apple. Battery capacity is 317 mAh. There is a 1.9” display in Apple Watch. The TicWatch Pro 5 WH12088 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon W5+ processor has more internal non-volatile storage capacity (32 GB) than the Watch6 LTE, but each device has the same 2GB capacity of RAM. This device has the biggest battery capacity of all compared devices, and it is equal to 617 mAh. The TicWatch Pro 5 is heavier than both Galaxy Watches. The Watch6 weighs 33 grams and is approximately 11 grams lighter than the TicWatch and 13 grams than the Galaxy Watch5 Pro LTE.

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