Deep Dive Teardown of the Samsung Galaxy SM-S921U1 Smartphone

Deep Dive Teardown of the Samsung Galaxy SM-S921U1 Smartphone

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Qualcomm has the most design wins for the Samsung Galaxy S24 SM-S921U1, supplying 20 of the 43 major designs. This is the first time TechInsights has found the following: Octa-Core Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Applications/Baseband Processor - Qualcomm #SM8650-002-AC, Multichip Memory - 8 GB Mobile LPDDR5X SDRAM – Samsung # K3KL3L30DM-BGCU, Power Management - Analog Devices #MAX77775, RF Transceiver + GPS - Qualcomm #SDR875-004, LB Front-End Module - Qualcomm #QPM6810A-003, 5G NR RxD Front-End Module - Qualcomm #QDM5579-000, NFC & Secure Element Chip - NXP Semiconductors SN300U.

Most of them appear in other Samsung models from the S24 series, like S24 (SM-S921B/DS ), S24+ (SM-S926N), S24 Ultra (SM-S928U1). The Samsung Galaxy S24 SM-S921U1 comes equipped with advanced connectivity features including WiFi 7, Bluetooth 5.3, GPS support for L1 and L5, 5G mmWave technology, NFC, and wireless charging capability. It boasts a total of 13 antennas, with eight integrated into the main frame. Additionally, the diversity antenna is housed within the vibrator and speaker module, while separate modules contain the NFC and wireless charging coil. The 5G mmWave antennas utilize AiP (antenna in package) elements for enhanced performance. The Samsung Galaxy S24 SM-S921B/DS smartphone has a total cost of $500.02 and is $102.66 more expensive than the average cellular phone/handset costs. All subsystems in this device costs $150.26. 5G mmWave Subsystems are included in the Radio(s)/Connect category and costs $34.52.

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