Deep Dive Teardown of the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G SM-A156E/DS

Deep Dive Teardown of the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G SM-A156E/DS

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The Samsung Galaxy A15 5G has several design solutions that are different from the previous model. First is a new processor from Mediatek. The Samsung A14 5G has Dimensity700 (MT6833V, CMOS -7nm) Octa-Core Processor and Samsung A15 5G has Dimensity6100+ (MT6835V, CMOS -6nm) Octa-Core Processor. Secondary, the new model has an AMOLED panel from Samsung (AMS645FW01, 90 Hz). The previous panel was from TXD and had TFT technology. The Image Sensor for the Main Rear Camera is also different. The Samsung A14 5G had Samsung’s S5KJN1 and now it is SK hynix’s Hi-5022Q 50 MP BSI-CMOS Sensor. Also worth mentioning is that A15 5G has a new choice of manufacture for all Image sensors. Previously, there was Samsung and SmartSens and now there are GalaxyCore, SmartSens, and SK hynix. The other thing that is different this time is the new manufacturer for the Multiband Power Amplifier Modules. Previously, Samsung used Smarter Micro’s S55643-22 SoC and this model has a solution from WiPam(WIPS115749-2R and Unknown) company.

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