Deep Dive Teardown of the Ring Alarm Security Kit BHABU003 Security System

Deep Dive Teardown of the Ring Alarm Security Kit BHABU003 Security System

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The Ring Alarm Security System consists of five devices that can be treated separately. The manufacturer provides the option of purchasing each of them individually. This project describes the basic combination of Base Station with separate modules that work with it.

The Base Station, which is the basic element of the interoperating system, is also be available in a Pro version. The Ring Alarm Base Station is equipped with a loud siren boasting up to 104-decibel output, ensuring that security alerts are impossible to ignore. When it comes to connectivity, this device offers a wide range of options. It can connect network through Ethernet and Wi-Fi, and it also supports Bluetooth. Furthermore, it's compatible with Thread and Zigbee protocols, as well as Z-Wave technology, allowing seamless integration with various smart home devices. Additionally, it includes Sub-1 GHz wireless connectivity for extended communication capabilities and supports Low-Power Wide-Area networks, ensuring efficient and long-range connectivity for security systems. The set also includes a keypad (for encoding and decoding the alarm), a motion detector, a contact sensor, and a range extender. Each of these devices only supports Z-Wave communication. This protocol is used to communicate with the Base Station and to send it information from sensors.


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