Deep Dive Teardown of the QuietOn 3.1 Wireless Earbuds

Deep Dive Teardown of the QuietOn 3.1 Wireless Earbuds

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The TechInsights Platform includes many reports analyzing sets of wireless headphones, including Google Pixel Buds Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, and Apple AirPods Gen. 2. The QuietOn 3.1 device, although classified as earbuds, has significantly different specifications from the above-mentioned models available on the market. The main functionality of earbuds is the ability to listen to music, a movie soundtrack, or any selected sound. These earbuds do not have this functionality. The device manufacturer itself provides information on its website that it cannot handle audio signals. The QuietOn 3.1 is for noise reduction only. This is ensured using ANC (Active Noise Canceling) and passively by foam earplugs.

When comparing ANC earplugs to ANC earbuds, there are many differences. The QuietOn model does not contain components that are found in most earbuds, such as Audio Soc, memory chip, power management, accelerometer, gyroscope, or even Bluetooth or wireless charging. Additionally, each of the above-mentioned earbuds includes Audio Soc, where ANC is supported, and three microphones are used to collect sounds. In the case of the QuietOn 3.1, there is no single chip that takes care of this. This is solved on the board using Operational Amplifier chips interconnected. In this case, only one microphone was used for each earphone.


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