Deep Dive Teardown of the One-Notebook OneXPlayer 2 Pro Handheld Game Console

Deep Dive Teardown of the One-Notebook OneXPlayer 2 Pro Handheld Game Console

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The OneXPlayer2 Pro is a portable game console that is equipped with the Windows 11 operating system, offering great functionalities like those found in tablets or laptops. In addition, the device has an ergonomic handheld shape and all the buttons needed to use as a game controller. The operation of the device is possible by buttons, two joysticks, and a display. The portable console features detachable controllers, like the Nintendo Switch. However, there's a unique aspect –the controllers don't come with built-in batteries, meaning they can't operate independently. Instead, they require a dedicated adapter for full functionality. This adapter isn't included in the standard package but can be purchased separately on the manufacturer's website. The console’s battery capacity is up to 5700 mAh (compared to 5200 mAh in Steam Deck device), which should be enough for several hours of operating and playing games. The display used is 8.4 inches and is characterized by a resolution of 1560x1600 pixels and is made in TFT technology. The OneXPlayer has standard Connectivity solution for such devices, which is Bluetooth 5.2 and WiFi6E.

The device has two stereo speakers and a Micro SD slot. An additional gadget is a button that allows switch the console to TDP 28W mode with only one click for maximum performance. For better heat dissipation, the device is equipped with a cooling system consisting of a single fan and a double heat pipe.

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