Deep Dive Teardown of the Kioxia PM7-R KPM7XRUG3T84 SSD

Deep Dive Teardown of the Kioxia PM7-R KPM7XRUG3T84 SSD

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The SSD is optimized for read-intensive applications. It features 1 DWPD with 100 % Random Write Workload with a Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) of 2.5 million Hours. The SSD has use cases such as data warehousing and Streaming Media Applications.

KIOXIA PM7-R KPM7XRUG3T84 has a 3.84 TB capacity. The enclosure was made of Aluminum. The cost for the GB of NAND flash memory has dropped in the last few months. Thus, the memory cost of the Kioxia PM7-R is lower than average.

The SDD features a capacity of 3.84 TB with a 2.5” form factor. It uses the BiCSFlash TLC NAND Flash Memory Type. For interface, it has a SAS 24 Gb/s with a single/dual port. Inside of both NAND Flash Memories from Kioxia a die of the number #FXH8512G was found. The same die occurs also only in the latest edition of the Apple’s iPhone (gen. 13-15) (according to the state of TechInsights’ knowledge as of December 12, 2023). Kioxia is the major cost-driving manufacturer because of providing NAND Flash memory packages and the SSD Controller. Samsung provided the 6 GB DDR4 RAM.

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