Deep Dive Teardown of the Huawei MDC Pro 610 ADAS Controller 3600080-EP50 Automotive

Deep Dive Teardown of the Huawei MDC Pro 610 ADAS Controller 3600080-EP50 Automotive

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The Huawei MDC Pro 610 ADAS Controller is a smart driving domain controller capable of processing environmental information collected by sensors. It performs fusion, identification, and classification tasks. Additionally, it handles map positioning for path planning and driving decision-making, enabling precise control of the vehicle and autonomous driving. Like the DesaySV XpengP7 Automatic Driving DCU analyzed by our company, the Huawei MDC Pro 610 ADAS Controller also features a custom liquid cooling solution. This cooling system circulates coolant through a significant part of the casing, dissipating heat from heated electronic components. An Infineon microcontroller plays a central role in managing additional processing tasks. Four other microcontrollers, supplied by STMicroelectronics, although unidentified, contribute to the system’s overall performance.

HiSilicon also manages power distribution, with two dedicated modules. An Infineon TLF35584 microcontroller further enhances power efficiency. Three Union Semiconductor UM3232E transceivers facilitate RS-232 communication. Two Sony CXD4953GG-W serializer chips handle LSI (GVIF) data transmission. Realtek RTL9068ABD Gigabit Ethernet transceivers, totalling three modules, ensure high-speed data exchange. Four Rohm BU18RM84-D? link-BD deserializers play a crucial role in interpreting incoming data. NXP Semiconductors contributes to CAN communication with 26TJA1049 transceivers and one TJA1145 transceiver.

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