Deep Dive Teardown of the Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ ALN-AL10 Smartphone

Deep Dive Teardown of the Huawei Mate 60 Pro+ ALN-AL10 Smartphone

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Internally the Mate 60 Pro+ is almost identical to the Pro variant, both utilizing HiSilicon’s Kirin 9000S processor with memory supplied by SK Hynix. Almost all the internal components, including the main board and other substrates are shared between these two phones. Also similar are the cameras, but while having the same functional set, the sensors used in both devices differ.

The only major difference between these two phones is the Satellite Board using a different Satellite Baseband Processor, manufactured probably by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC).

Also noteworthy is the fact, that Huawei managed to source almost all RF components locally in China, mostly from unidentifiable manufacturers, with strict trade restrictions in place.

It is the first time TechInsights has found: Satellite Baseband Processor CETC #MSC06A, LB Front-End Module ? #S111241C, MB/HB Front-End Module ? #S111131C, 5G Front-End Module ? #S111341A.

The Mate 60 Pro+ is the latest top of the line flagship smartphone from Huawei, launched alongside the Mate 60 and Mate 60 Pro. The Pro models are very similar to each other, sharing a lot of internal and external components.

Phones from the Mate 60 line-up are the first 5G enabled mobile devices from Huawei since strict trade restrictions were imposed on the Chinese manufacturer.

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