Deep Dive Teardown of the HP Spectre X360 16-F2097NR Laptop

Deep Dive Teardown of the HP Spectre X360 16-F2097NR Laptop

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HP continues its design tradition of using an aluminum enclosure fitted to all internal components. Samsung provides a 16-inch 3840x2400 pixel OLED Display with a multitouch Touchscreen. The brightness of that display is 400 nits. Dimension is 351.80 x 233.4 mm with a weight of 334.4 grams. The stylus is charged by USB Type-C. The total weight is 14.5g. The stylus is a part of the laptop and is included in the box.

The HP Spectre x360 can be used for up to 15 hours on Battery. The battery can be charged by using a DC IN port which supports fast charging or using Thunderbolt 4 ports. This laptop has an SSD subsystem that consists of 2 TB 3D TLC V-NAND Flash. SK Hynix supplied memory for this subsystem.

The laptop features a fan-based cooling system. Between the processor and the heat pipe, there is a lot of thermal paste. The laptop is equipped with two cooling fans that help to dissipate heat from the internal components, including the CPU. The fans draw in cool air from the outside and blow it over the heat sink to keep the temperature within safe limits. In addition, the Spectre X360 has a heat pipe system that transfers heat away from the CPU and GPU to the heat sink. This helps to spread out the heat and prevent any one component from getting too hot.

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