Deep Dive Teardown of the Honor Magic Vs FRI-AN00 Smartphone

Deep Dive Teardown of the Honor Magic Vs FRI-AN00 Smartphone

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The Honor Magic Vs was released on December 30, 2022. This is a new model in the V line after the Honor Magic V. The mobile runs on the MagicOS7.0 (Android 12) operating system.

It utilizes a dual-battery solution, with both batteries being slightly different sized, the main one is rated for 2870 mAHand the secondary for 2030 mAHat the same voltage of 3.89.

The general construction of its hinge features three stiffening rails joining the individual segments. Easily contrasted with Samsung’s approach as exemplified by Galaxy Z4 Fold which features more self-contained hinge-sections with the middle one being dovetailed into the hinge cover without additional stiffening. The assembly of the individual segments has been simplified from the previous Honor Magic V, with previously two-piece elements being replaced by single-piece casting, and the arrangement of the rails being changed. The Honor Magic V had two side rails on one side of the hinge with the middle rail being located on the other one, here the side rails have been made narrower and the middle rail was moved to the same side of it. These changes have brought the price down from an estimated $23.08 to $17.80.

Most of the main enclosures were made from machined aluminum with some co-molded plastic elements, an exception being one of the main frames which is a two-part assembly made from machined aluminum frame and magnesium casting meant to hold the boards, battery and other elements glued into it –most likely for weight saving reasons.


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