Deep Dive Teardown of the Honor 90 REA-AN00 Smartphone

Deep Dive Teardown of the Honor 90 REA-AN00 Smartphone

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The Honor 90 5G Front Camera is a 50 MP CMOS BSI Sensor from Samsung (S5KJN1). The whole subsystem is 5.32 mm height, and the dimensions of the sensor housing are 8.85 x 8.24 mm. The assembly contains six Lenses, six Lens Spacers, and one Lens Retainer. The camera does not have autofocus. In contrast, the Rear Camera Subsystem has autofocus with OIS. There are two coils in it (11.4 x 1.54 mm). The main Camera Sensor is a 200 MP CMOS BSI from Samsung (S5KHP3) with a diagonal length of 11.55 mm. The diagonal for the entire die is 13.85 mm, an 84.4 % sensor to die ratio. The 200 MP Camera Subsystem contains six Lenses, five Lens Spacers, and two Lens Retainers (one made of Metal and the second made of Plastic).

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