Deep Dive Teardown of the Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch A2918 Laptop

Deep Dive Teardown of the Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch A2918 Laptop

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The MacBook Pro A2918 is the newest 14-inch version of Apple’s notebook. It features a change in the thermal design. The previous model came with double fans but this time it was reduced to only a single fan. This redesign changed the shape of the main board and provided quite a lot of additional space on it. This device was equipped with a single antenna module with three separate antennas for the WiFiand Bluetooth connectivity. The design of that element is identical to the one from the 16-inch version of the notebook, the only difference is the size of it. The MacBook Pro was built from three enclosures: top, bottom, and internal. The total enclosures cost is $115.85 which is 70% of all Non-electronics parts cost. The Mini-LED panel contains more than 8,000 LEDs. The Apple MacBook Pro is a high-end laptop, and costs are like the average laptop in most categories. The Apple MacBook Pro A2928 uses Apple M3 Max processor that was manufactured in a 3 nm process node. This chip costs $144 which is less than an average processor for a laptop or notebook.

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