Deep Dive Teardown of the Apple iPhone 15 Plus A3094 Smartphone

Deep Dive Teardown of the Apple iPhone 15 Plus A3094 Smartphone

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The iPhone 15 Plus features the 64-bit ARM based Apple’s A16 Bionic APL1W10 - the hexa-core applications processor, combining two Everest high-performance cores with four Sawtooth energy-efficient cores built on a TSMC 4nm process node die (N4P). It’s an updated version of A15 Bionic. iPhone 15 Plus is like iPhone 15. The only differences are the size of the battery and screen. The A16 Bionic APL1W10 processor die measures 13.57mm by 8.45mm and is enclosed in a BGA-POP package measuring 17.50mm by 12.91mm. It is integrated with Micron (MT62F768M64D4CA-031 XT:B) 6 GB Mobile LPDDR5X SDRAM memory. KIOXIA provided a new (KICK5A4) 256 GB 3D TLC NAND Flash. The iPhone 15 Plus supports WiFi 6E/Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity USI chip (339S01184). The same company is responsible for providing a new U2 UWB Module (339M00299) with a 7nm process node TSMC UWB Transceiver (TMQE08). The NFC 2 Antenna and Wireless Charging Coil are similar like in the iPhone 14 Plus. They are soldered to Flash LED Flex which is in one module. The whole antenna module is placed in the center of the devices back. In the iPhone 15 Plus, the ToF Sensor was located inside the IR Camera/Dot Projector Subsystem, which is different from the iPhone 14 Plus, where the ToF Sensor was located on Sensor Flex.

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