Deep Dive Teardown of the Apple iPhone 15 A3090 Smartphone

Deep Dive Teardown of the Apple iPhone 15 A3090 Smartphone

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The iPhone 15 A3090 is the least expensive iteration of the newest line-up of Apple’s flagship smartphones. This model was designed for the European region. One of the biggest differences is that the analyzed model is now equipped with a 48 MP Wide-Angle Rear Camera that was previously present only in the Pro versions. It’s a leap forward from the common 12 MP image sensor. In comparison to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, the base and Plus models still use a Ring/Silent Button (Slider), whereas the higher models are now equipped with an Action Button.

The biggest change, by far, is the transition from Lightning to USB Type-C connector. Alongside this switch, there was also a change in the design of the cable added to the box – it is wrapped in braided sleeving. There was a significant change in the placement and design of the ToF Sensor that was previously seen as a package from STMicroelectronics. It’s now integrated into the IR Camera/Dot Projector subsystem. The RF Design doesn’t differ from previous iPhones that much. It’s still based on Skyworks/Murata/Broadcom with addition of multiple Qorvo antenna tuners. The antenna design consists of a total of 15 antennas.


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