Deep Dive Teardown of the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (6th Gen) A2437 Tablet

 Deep Dive Teardown of the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (6th Gen) A2437 Tablet

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The Apple iPad Pro 12.9” 6th Generation is one of the latest models in the company’s flagship series. It is the successor to the Apple iPad Pro 5th Generation.

The M2 Processor is the same as the MacBook Air A2681. It’s the same chip, the same discrete elements under processor shielding, and the same pinout.

The mini-LED screen in Apple iPad Pro A2437 is the same as in iPad Pro 5th Gen. All discrete ICs are placed in the same places, and the iPad features the same number of discrete ICs as its predecessor. Overall, the entire display is identical to the Apple iPad Pro 5th Gen A2461. In the A2437, display panel costs amount to $47.73. STMicroelectronics provides two chips for this display: Active Matrix mini-LED Driver #STBC1B1 and STMicroelectronics Display Power Management. #STBR1B0.

The device can be used with an optional magnetic QWERTY keyboard attached by Smart Connector to the back and the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation.

WiFiuses two frequencies -2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

The main cost was spent on integrated circuits. Also, a big amount of cost was spent on Display/Touchscreen Subsystem due to iPad Pro being equipped with a mini-LED display.

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