Deep Dive Teardown of the Apollo Zhilian Cockpit Domain Controller CDC? Automotive

Deep Dive Teardown of the Apollo Zhilian Cockpit Domain Controller CDC? Automotive

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Several manufacturers share the design wins for Apollo Zhilian for Jidu Robo-01 Cockpit Domain Controller. The main processor came from Qualcomm® Snapdragon Automotive generation. The Qualcomm SA8295P is a high-end processor, made with 5 nm FinFET process, featuring an octa-core CPU. Renesas supplied the 32-Bit Microcontroller from RH850 family created among others for automotive electronics. For this device Micron supplied 2 × 8 GB Mobile LPDDR4X SDRAM (total 16 GB LPDDR4), 128 GB 3D TLC NAND Flash. Video and Camera communication like Camera Serial Interface 2 (CSI-2) or Display Serial Interface (DSI) uses chips from Analog Devices and Texas Instruments. WiFi 6/Bluetooth 5.2 are supported by Qualcomm and Infineon. The radio signals (AM/FM) were provided by NXP.

The Jidu Robo-01 is a mid-size electric crossover SUV produced by China automobile manufacturer Ji Yue. The Apollo Zhilian Cockpit Domain Controller is an advanced infotainment system. The platform was created to offer improved connections, entertainment options, and convenient features for vehicles. The infotainment system is powered by Qualcomm SA8295P, which is like the brain of the car, gathering information from cameras, sensors, and maps to make decisions. It works alongside the driver and other vehicle systems to enhance safety and performance, without taking over the driver's role entirely. It features Camera Serial Interface 2 (CSI-2), Display Serial Interface (DSI), USB and Ethernet. It is also equipped with AM/FM radio.

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