Deep Dive Teardown of the Amazon Echo Show 5 H97N6S Smart Display

Deep Dive Teardown of the Amazon Echo Show 5 H97N6S Smart Display

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The third generation from 2023 -Amazon Echo Show 5 H97N6S, just like its first version from 2019 - Amazon Echo Show 5 H23K37 provides smart display solutions suitable for home and office applications. Both devices were equipped with 5.5-inc TFT-LCD Display with Touchscreen of 960x480 pixels resolution with capacitive touchscreen. The first generation of the Amazon Echo Show 5 was equipped with a quad-core processor by MediaTek, while third generation introduced a new hexa-core processor also by MediaTek, made in cooperation with Amazon and marketed as AZ2 Neural Edge Processor.

In terms of storage, both devices provide 8 GB of MLC NAND Flash. The H97N6S was equipped with 1 GB of DDR4 RAM in a single package, while the previous model H23K37 was designed with 1 GB of DDR3 RAM split in two packages. The third generation of Echo Show 5 introduced a new operating system made by Amazon, Vega OS, while the first generation uses the older Fire OS. Camera capabilities were improved, new version H97N6S features 2 MP Front Camera, while predecessor H23K37 was equipped with 1 MP Front Camera. Both devices were equipped with mechanical camera cover for privacy mode.


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