Cockpit Innovations: Streaming, Gaming, Audio and Apps

Cockpit Innovations: Streaming, Gaming, Audio and Apps

TechInsights' report delves into cockpit innovations, from audio streaming to gaming, revealing trends like larger displays and 5G connectivity. Learn about OEM partnerships, app integrations, and the challenges facing this dynamic industry.

New Age of In-Vehicle Entertainment

TechInsights' report on cockpit innovations examines developments of in-car infotainment in audio streaming, video, and gaming, examining announced OEM partnerships, data and content service providers, and trends in displays. The report also includes forecasts for 4G and 5G connectivity and display size through 2030, noting the trend toward larger displays in vehicles, and the parallel trend toward more interactive and immersive content in the car. With electric vehicles continuing to influence consumer behavior and the automotive industry, display innovations will remain in demand.




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With attention being paid to the emerging trend of immersive infotainment, OEMs have adapted to these new demands by rethinking the in-cabin display design. Screen dimensions have increased both in width and height as manufacturers explore the possibilities of front-passenger sensory engagement. Although displays in the 8-10-inch range are currently the most popular in the market, the number of vehicles with 8-12-inch displays sold in recent years has increased quite dramatically. Additionally, analysts covering network connectivity have noted the increased implementation of 5G in newer models. A critical component of media features in many cars, the arrival of 5G as the industry standard for automotive connectivity will enable more software capabilities.

This report contains information on the most relevant and pressing topics in the infotainment arena. Video and audio systems have never quite been as advanced as they are today, and that technology only figures to improve.

Get Ready for an Enhanced User Experience

While applications and other visual content in the vehicle vary based on the make and model, recognized apps are being integrated into the dashboard such as Amazon Fire TV, Hulu, YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and others. This report explores those partnerships; why they were formed, and what to expect in future product offerings. The trajectory of this recent industry crossover has generated new opportunities for parties in both industries to explore new partnerships and business opportunities.

Engineers and developers have jumped at the chance to implement embedded gaming and video capabilities in vehicles, which have received renewed interest in the context of EV charging, and its inherent “dwell time.” While possibilities in this space for UX designers appear abundant, there are some independent variables that effect the outlook of the market. Material scarcity, chip technology patents, manufacturing delays are only a few of the potential roadblocks to success for key players. Despite these hurdles, OEMs in the automotive industry are hopeful on the outlook of video and audio media features available to many new models.

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