Chiplets, a new design methodology?

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Author: G. Dan Hutcheson

Chiplets, a new design methodology

Uncover the transformative potential of chiplets in semiconductor design. From historical origins to modern initiatives like UCIe, explore how chiplets are reshaping SiP architectures and overcoming industry challenges.

The article from TechInsights discusses the emergence of chiplets as a transformative design methodology in the semiconductor industry. Chiplets involve integrating multiple dies onto a single substrate, enabling the creation of complex System-in-Package (SiP) architectures.

The article highlights the historical context of chiplet technology, dating back to Jack Kilby's Integrated Circuit in 1958, and explores recent developments such as the Universal Chiplet Interconnect express (UCIe) initiative. It also discusses the advantages of chiplets, including improved yield optimization, performance scalability, and opportunities for innovation in areas like testing and design automation. Overall, the article emphasizes the significant impact chiplets are poised to have on semiconductor design and manufacturing processes.

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