The Chip Insider® – Taiwan’s Earthquake: Follow-up

Author: G. Dan Hutcheson

The Chip Insider® – Taiwan’s Earthquake: Follow-up


Taiwan’s Earthquake: Follow-up to the 5 April Chip Insider on the Hualien City earthquake. As predicted in this write-up, so far the earthquake has had no measurable impact… TSMC proved it definitively this time as their people polished the company’s reputation for being the “trusted capacity provider” … Decades of implementing what they learned about quake readiness does pay off… Their fabs were operation in one day, with … over … wafers in tools at the time with … in chambers and only lost between … is a loss rate of … In other words, TSMC earthquake readiness has improved by 56,000X since 1995. It’s hard to find words to describe this … impressive … amazing … astounding … smashing … given that the topic is earthquakes maybe the last should be un-smashingly amazing…

Happenings, Comments, Questions & Answers: Moore’s Law in the Angstrom Era, 12 April.

“If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation” – Don Draper, Mad Men

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