The Chip Insider®– Nvidia’s Grand Strategy

Author: G. Dan Hutcheson

The Chip Insider®– Nvidia’s Grand Strategy


Nvidia’s Grand Strategy: In his keynote at Computex 2024 last week, Jensen Huang proclaimed to a cheering crowd, “We are in a new Industrial Revolution.” As everyone knows, Jensen’s strategy for Nvidia shifted from … But his grand strategy is far more encompassing than the vision of the AI Revolution. The Industrial Revolution made the transformation to making things with machines that had been made with human hands. The AI Revolution takes this transformation to the next step by making things with machines that could only be made with the human mind. But this is only a vision – not a strategy. One cannot monetize a vision without a strategy. Watching Jensen’s keynote, I realized he has a grand strategy based on Cochrane’s Theorem of the Technology Treadmill, which is what my college thesis used to develop a semiconductor cost model that showed economic underpinnings of why fab tool costs would rise with Moore’s Law …

“Strategy requires a sense of the whole that reveals the significance of respective parts.” – John Lewis Gaddis

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