The Chip Insider®– Intel Foundry Direct Connect

Author: G. Dan Hutcheson

The Chip Insider®– Intel Foundry Direct Connect


Intel Foundry Direct Connect was more than a symposium. It was a coming-of-age party for IFS. There is a certain symmetry here, as the prior week marked Pat Gelsinger’s third anniversary at Intel, and his third mandate for being in the foundry business was laid down soon after he joined. Another third was the third word in the IFS name: ‘Services,’ which was cut down to two words to build a new name: truncating intel foundry – all lowercase –to the acronym: IF.

Dropping ‘Services’ does bring clarity to Intel’s strategy. As the word always implied, they were not a real foundry…

If there was only one message to get, it was that Intel was really serious about being in the foundry business… Being the first systems foundry is a … It was also a not-so-subtle jab that painted a mental picture of TSMC … So far, Intel’s main point of differentiation to TSMC has been to be the strategic alternative. They have now laid out a key differentiator between mobile foundry and systems foundry …

“The present is the new future …

that where you sit, you create everything that’s going to come” – Sarah Jones

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