China: Cockpit SoCs – Related Trends and Key Players

China: Cockpit SoCs – Related Trends and Key Players

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TechInsights compared six cockpit system-on-chips (SoCs) from five Chinese domestic cockpit SoC suppliers and conducted a gap analysis by comparing the performance of these SoCs with Qualcomm’s mainstream cockpit SoCs. TechInsights also examined future cockpit SoC development trends for the Chinese and global automotive market.

Building intelligent cockpits is no longer limited to audio-visual entertainment domains and needs to extend embedding intelligent capabilities in human–machine interaction and vehicle driving control related processes. Since 2020, a few entrants in the cockpit SoC field have emerged in the Chinese market, including chip companies from the consumer electronics industry represented by HiSilicon, Rockchip Electronics, and UNISOC, as well as start-up automotive grade SoC companies such as Siengine and SemiDrive Technology.

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