CES 2024 – Media Day 2

Ambient Scientific's DIGANT GPX10 AI Processor and Timekettle X1's Revolutionary Translation, Samsung Gauss, and Breakthroughs in Battery Innovations Take Spotlight

CES 2024 – Media Day 2

CES 2024 Day 2 brought cutting-edge tech to the forefront. Ambient Scientific unveiled the DIGANT GPX10 AI processor, a game-changer with programmability and power efficiency. Timekettle X1 wowed with simultaneous translation for B2B and consumer use at $699.

CES 2024 – Media Day 2

Samsung's Press Conference showcased Samsung Gauss, a generative AI model, and the upgraded Balli robot with a personal projector. The Bespoke JetBot combo vacuum hinted at more AI in their upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event.

Battery innovations took center stage, from Swapery's at-home battery charger to EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra home battery systems. Our Teardown roadmap now includes AI health products, robot assistants, portable displays, batteries, and open ear wearables.

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