Automotive Sensor Demand 2021 to 2030 - July 2023

Automotive Sensor Demand 2021 to 2030 - July 2023

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The market for packaged automotive sensors is expected to grow at a CAAGR of 6.6% over 2022 to 2027. This is above the expected vehicle production growth of 3.6%, showing rising sensor content per vehicle. This is despite the transition to EVs, which due to the deletion of the internal combustion engine and a simpler transmission, typically have fewer sensors. This download contains in-depth pre-built tables as well as flat files for both packaged sensors and semiconductor element automotive sensor demand. It also contains three different scenarios. These make different assumptions about Ukraine, COVID-19 and semiconductor supply issues. Note: This forecast does not capture demand from “system-level” sensors such as RADARs and LiDARs. It does include demand from camera and ultrasonic sensors. A full assessment of the ADAS sensor market can be seen in the “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Forecast” series of reports.

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