Automotive Semiconductor TAM by OEM Group - Q2 2024

Automotive Semiconductor TAM by OEM Group - Q2 2024

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This market forecast report shows that Jianghuai Automotive is expected to be the fastest growing vehicle OEM for automotive semiconductor demand, with a dollar CAAGR of 27% expected over 2023 to 2028. BYD will gain the most share of automotive semiconductor demand. Volkswagen Group will remain the largest single customer, but see its share decline. It details how automotive semiconductor demand is expected to split out by each major carmaker group and application domain (ADAS, Body, Chassis, Conv. Engine Control, Conv. Safety, Driver Info, HEV/EV, Transmission, Zonal) of the end vehicle. The data can also be examined for an individual semiconductor type (e.g. Processors), using either pre-built visualizations or pivot tables. The flat file is also included to allow further analysis.

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