Automotive Market Outlook Webinar Series

In today's automotive semiconductor market, informed decision-making is paramount.

The first session of our Automotive Market Outlook webinar series is now available, as we shed light on the latest automotive semiconductor forecast and the macroeconomic disruptors shaping its trajectory.

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Automotive Market Outlook Webinar Series

Our Inaugural Session on Automotive Semiconductor Trends

Automotive Semiconductor Forecast

Gain the foresight needed to anticipate and adapt to changes in the automotive semiconductor landscape with valuable insights into market projections, emerging technologies, and key drivers influencing semiconductor demand.

Macroeconomic Disruptors to Automotive Semiconductor Growth

In addition to dissecting the forecast, we’ll delve into the macroeconomic landscape affecting the growth of automotive semiconductors. From supply chain disruptions to geopolitical tensions, we'll explore how external factors are reshaping the industry and what strategies can be employed to navigate these challenges effectively.

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About the Analyst

Asif Anwar, Executive Director, Global Automotive Practice

With over 24 years of industry experience, Asif focuses on supporting the automotive industry through the Powertrain, Body, Safety & Chassis Service and Electric Vehicles Service. In this role, Asif provides his expertise and analysis at the system, semiconductor, and sensor levels while tracking the broader value chain and emerging opportunities. He has a reputation for establishing new research offerings and capabilities that can help clients better understand industry dynamics and the strategies needed to successfully navigate the constantly changing technology landscape.

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