Apple U2 (TMQE08 die) Ultra-Wide Band Chip Floorplan Analysis (IoTB)

Apple U2 (TMQE08 die) Ultra-Wide Band Chip Floorplan Analysis (IoTB)

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This report provides basic floorplan analysis (BFR) of the Apple U2 UWB transceiver TMQE08 die found in Apple iPhone 15 Pro, which is the most recent development to the Apple U1 UWB transceiver TMKA75 die found in Apple iPhone 11 analyzed by TechInsights in 2019 (BFR-1910-801). The TMQE08 RF transceiver die is fabricated using a dual-layer passivation, 15 metal interconnect layers (one Al, 14 Cu layers), W contacts, STI, and HKMG transistors. The minimum observed metal, contacted gate, and fin pitches are 40 nm, 57 nm, and 30 nm, respectively, suggesting that the TMQE08 die was manufactured using TSMC's 7 nm HKMG finFET CMOS process, compared with the 16 nm node in the U1 TMKA75 die. The U2 UWB TMQE08 die floorplan functional diagram shows a larger transceiver area with possibly more transceivers compared to the U1 UWB TMKA75 die.

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