Will there be an Apple M3 Ultra?

Apple M3 Ultra

Dive deep into the absence of high-density interconnect pads in the M3 Max and its implications for the highly anticipated Apple M3 Ultra.

In the landscape of silicon innovation, Apple's pursuit of cutting-edge technology has captivated enthusiasts and analysts alike. With the recent unveiling of the M1 and M2 Max processors, the spotlight now shifts to the tantalizing possibility of an Apple M3 Ultra. However, recent observations regarding the architecture of the M3 Max have sparked intriguing questions about the trajectory of Apple's ultra-performance chip line.

The absence of high-density interconnect pads in the M3 Max raises speculation about the future of Apple's Ultra variants. One plausible explanation is a potential rebalancing of the cost equation, where the benefits of separate mask sets for the M3 Max and a hypothetical M3 Ultra outweigh the savings from using a single mask set. Alternatively, Apple may be exploring alternative advanced packaging strategies that eliminate the need for high-density pads, signaling a shift towards more efficient interconnect solutions.




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Cross-section details of the M1 Ultra showing high-density interconnect and the InFO-LSi bridge from APE-2204-801.

Amidst the speculation, the possibility of a new device architecture for the M3 Ultra or even a direct transition to the M4 adds further intrigue to the narrative. Whether Apple chooses to forge ahead with an M3 Ultra or leapfrog to the next iteration remains uncertain.

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