Apple HomePod 2nd Gen A2825 Smart Speaker

Apple HomePod 2nd Gen A2825

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The Apple HomePod 2nd Gen A2825 is a voice-interactive smart speaker and home assistant. Compared to the A16339, the has seven microphones (one more than the A1639) and beam-forming technology allows the user to perform a wide range of actions by using voice commands. It also has a touchscreen with capacitive volume buttons on the top, which can be controlled with touch gestures.

Compared to the HomePod A1639 which has seven tweeters, the A2825 runs five tweeters (each with a separate amplifier) and a woofer tuned by means of an additional microphone (the A1639 also has additional microphone). This configuration allows the user to calibrate the audio as needed.

The Apple HomePod 2nd Gen, like its predecessor has a round, cylindrical shape, and the overall quality of construction is exceptional.

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