Analysts’ Choice Winners for 2022

MPR recognizes the past year’s top products in the categories of data center, PC, embedded, smartphone, processor IP, and emerging technology. And the winners are...
Joseph Byrne
Joseph Byrne

To recognize the top semiconductor offerings of the year, Microprocessor Report presents its 2022 Analysts’ Choice Awards. These awards span several categories: data-center processors, PC processors, smartphone processors, embedded processors, processor-IP (intellectual property) cores, and related emerging technology. We’ve presented these awards in MPR for many years. /p>

In the data-center and PC categories, we considered microprocessors, GPUs, and AI accelerators. For the best data-center processor, we chose a chip that delivers 68% more throughput than its predecessor. In the PC category, we also chose a processing beast.

We don’t restrict candidates to high-end processors, though. In the smartphone category, the winner is a chip with new graphics capabilities and an innovative way to harness its AI engine. Embedded processors, intellectual property (IP), and emerging technologies presented many candidates for us to consider.

The MPR team is familiar with all the leading products, having written about them over the past year. We selected the winners based on their performance, power, features, and cost in the context of their target applications and competition at the time of their release. May I have the envelope, please?

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