Analyst Predictions for 2024

Bold Predictions for Major Breakthroughs in CPUs, AI, and Processor-Adjacent Technologies

Analyst Predictions for 2024

As 2023 draws to a close, the semiconductor market is buzzing with anticipation for the developments that lie ahead. In our latest Microprocessor Report, we highlight key insights in three crucial areas poised for substantial activity: CPUs, AI, and processor-adjacent technologies.

TechInsights predicts that in the data center, this year’s LLM hype will fade, to be replaced by pragmatism and a focus on utility. Enterprises will shift to more efficient SLM (Small Language Models) using bespoke data. Nvidia’s position as the undisputed lead in AI silicon in 2023 will face challenges from AMD. Meanwhile, memory will evolve – these fast, multi-core GPU architectures need large volumes of data delivered at speed to make the most of their power. We anticipate activity in memory technologies such as CXL, UCIe and 3D DRAM to meet this data challenge.

Alongside this, a shift from AI at the data center to AI at the edge will drive change in end user devices such as laptops. Intel is betting on the “AI PC” - but it is not the only company following this strategy. In attempting five process nodes in four years, Intel will spend a lot of time climbing up the learning curve to advance its chips. It must do this while simultaneously staving off new challengers in the PC space in the form of Arm architecture CPUs from Qualcomm and others.

Analyst Predictions for 2024

AI will also emerge at the infrastructure edge, for example, wide scale deployment in cell towers is anticipated. Lower cost will reign supreme here, and we expect MCUs with AI accelerators to be the most popular option. From refined SLM in the data center to low power edge applications, small is beautiful for AI in 2024.

In summary, 2024 promises a dynamic landscape marked by both challenges and groundbreaking innovations in the realms of CPUs, AI, and processor-adjacent technologies. For an in-depth exploration of the dynamic developments in each of these pivotal sectors and the evolving technological and competitive landscape, we welcome you to explore the insights our latest Microprocessor Report.

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